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StatTrakā„¢ M4A1-S | Cyrex (Minimal Wear)

Item information

Name StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Cyrex (Minimal Wear)
Quality Covert
Type Rifle
Exterior Minimal Wear
Collection The Breakout Collection
Weapon M4A1-S
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Available items

Item Name Wear Stickers Price Actions
StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Cyrex (Minimal Wear) 12.302% Cologne 2016, iBUYPOWER | DreamHack 2014 | ScreaM $33.24 (19% off) Preview
StatTrak™ M4A1-S | Cyrex (Minimal Wear) 7.364% Cologne 2015, Happy (Foil) | Katowice 2015, Happy (Foil) | MLG Columbus 2016 | Team EnVyUs (Holo) $33.41 (18% off) Preview