Announcement: Update: PUBG Corp. has disabled trading , TF2 buying and selling enabled
Listing items is enabled. All items in our store are immediately deliverable to customers. We do not list items that are on trade holds. If users deposit items they are not listed for sale until they are tradable.

About CSGOShop


William Wei


William Wei is the founder of CSGOShop. As an experienced entrepreneur who entered the gaming industry by launching the very first automated TF2 cash trading site in 2011, William is now aiming to revolutionize the CSGO trading scene once again. As a Finance major at the University of Toronto, his passions for video games and trading drive his desire to continually innovate the CSGO trading scene. In his free time, William is an orchestral violinist and spends his summers out on track days or travelling overseas.


Justin Kutz

Co-owner and CEO

Justin received his Bachelors of Science in Biology from Louisiana State University. He is a published author in Ichthyology, a bitcoin enthusiast, and an entrepreneur. Before he was running companies he was a trader and community leader in Team Fortress 2.


Anthony Garcia

Lead Developer

Anthony is the author of the long-running OPTF2 inventory viewer and a recognized community contributor. Prior to his employment at CSGOShop he was a field technician, system administrator and freelance programmer.